Sep 17

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Pulse Rate Lesson Plan

Once again we are proud to release another lesson for teachers to use any way that they see fit. The whole reason we create lesson plans is to aid you in integrating ICT into your classroom and we know how onerous creating content can be.

Pulse rateThis lesson; entitled Pulse, could be used as either a science lesson or a general health lesson. It is also a great way to introduce students to the circulatory systems and how first aid works (and some of the limitations of both). One of the great features of this lesson is that it isn’t just a theoretical component, it will see the students getting up and running as well as doing aerobic exercises and measuring their pulse rate. It will help them to understand how exertion affects their heart rates and will give them an understanding of what is needed to burn calories.

So the next time you are doing a general introduction to the heart, this may be a good way to get students actually seeing results of exercise on their pulse. Plus it is a nice and simple way to integrate ICT into a classroom activity. Download it now from our lessons section.

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